What to Wear

Be Yourself – Start with your own personal style. Think about the clothing styles you currently have and the stores where you normally shop. Wearing clothes that look good on you will ensure meaningful photographs thatare true reflections of who you are as individuals.

Location, Location, Location – Consider the setting of where your shootwill take place. Will it be at the beach, the park, your home, or somewhere else? Imagine your setting and the types of colors that will be there. Since the setting will end up being the background of your photos, it has a big impact on your overall look. For example, if you plan to have the shoot at a garden, wearingfloral outfits might not be the best idea because you would blend in andget lost in the busy background. Ideally, you want to match the background ,but not match so much that you become the background.

Colors – A good rule of thumb is to pick out two colors that would go well with the location. Typically, pastels (think peach, mint, or lavender) go well with natural scenes. Primary colors such as blue, red, and yellow match modern locations like the city.

Solids & Prints – Our eyes are naturally drawn to patterns, so dressing your kids in prints will help them to stand out. Playful prints such as stripes and polka dotslook great on kids. Dress the adults in complementary solids to balance the look.

Layering – Depending on the season, consider layering your outfits with accessories such as bowties, headbands, rain boots, scarves, jackets, and hats. Accessories add variety to your shots and can also double as fun props!


What to Wear

Picking out your outfit for a special photo or event can sometimes be stresfull for just one person, but imagine how daunting the task can seem for a family of four, or six, or even eight. You want to look cohesive but not matchy matchy and that can take some planning and coordination, but isn’t impossible and doesn’t have to be stressful or require a trip to the store for all new outfits. Some tips include dressing for weather, picking a unifying color to tie everyone together, and working with the colors of season. The beautiful family in the this fall portrait chose to go with the jewel tones of all with black and gray in their jeans and jackets.

What To Wear Inspiration

Find more color scheme and outfit inspiration on the Jenn Elisabeth Photograpy pinterest board.